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The Breakfast Club

Adam's not so happy ending massage

Do we think Adam enjoyed this massage?
8 November 2022 3:03PM

Over the weekend Adam played a good two long days of cricket and ended up pretty sore after. 

So we decided to do him a little favour and bring in a masseuse to help soothe those aching muscles. Turns out though that Adam doesn't do too well with pain... shocker! 

Even while our masseuse, Dorothy, was getting Adam into position he couldn't cope. 

"Dorothy hasn't even started yet. She's just moving Adam's legs and arms into position. So every scream you've heard from Adam so far is just the preparation" 

- Lana

The massage went on for a solid 30 minutes, during which every Bondy had a go (with his elbows). 

In the end, Adam was looking very relaxed, even after the multiple screams and odd curses now and again. 

Don't get us wrong though, Adam is just a wuss with pain. The rest of The Breakfast Club have all had a massage with Dorothy before and found it a very relaxing experience.