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Gary shares his big news
Gary has some big news he wants to share with you all.
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The Breakfast Club

Gary McCormick announces he’s leaving More FM’s Breakfast Club

After 18 years on More FM, Lord Ted will be turning off the breakfast alarms.
29 November 2022 9:18AM

Our formidable and legendary broadcaster Gary McCormick has announced he will be finishing his breakfast radio career on More FM in April 2023.

The wise ‘Lord Ted’ has brought his opinions, poetry and thoughts to our station since 2005, but will be swapping those early 4am alarms for a new opportunity on sister news station Today FM.

“So the news is that from April next year, I'm going to make a change.”

“I'm going to go to Today FM where I'm going to be able to do political stuff, interviews, panel discussions on politics, podcasts and my own show at some point during the week.”

Gary spoke with Lana, Adam and our family of listeners on The Breakfast Club this morning and shared that “this has been, and is, a wonderful radio show.”

“New Zealanders are lucky to have it because it's got quality. It's not just silly chatter, it's got a whole range of things and it's been real. People have raised important issues in their own lives and they've been honest about it. We've all done the best we can there.”

Gary shared that his career has always seen him fall into the right place at the right time, and was ready to explore this new area of his career.

“I am not sorry about what I will do in my new role, but I'm certainly going to miss you guys.”

“It is big news for me because of the association I have with you guys and with our listeners. So I'm not overlooking that. It's going to be a bit jarring not to be addressing the same people. But probably the time has come for me to do that other stuff that I've been thinking about doing.”

With Gary’s departure, Lana & Adam will welcome a new host to The Breakfast Club, which will be announced Thursday morning. Gary will remain on air on The Breakfast Club with Lana & Adam until next year April.