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Sammy pops into the studio
Sammy visited the studio to give us a little update on parent life
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The Breakfast Club

Sam's "rollercoaster" months in the lead-up to daughter's birth

Sammy visited the studio to give us a little update on parent life
3 November 2022 11:30PM

Ex Producer Sammy popped into the studio with The Breakfast Club for the first time since her little bundle of joy 'Luna' arrived. 

Baby Luna is now 7 weeks old and changed Sammy and her partner Sam's perspective on parenting. 

"It's been a rollercoaster of a year. I thought I had an idea, but I don't think you ever understand the newborn stage until you are in it" 

But it wasn't just the lifestyle change of becoming a parent that turned this year into a "rollercoaster" for Sammy. 

While chatting with Lana, Gary & Adam, Sammy opened up for the first time publicly about the health struggles they have been facing behind closed doors. 

"Back when I was about ten weeks pregnant, my partner Sam had a seizure, and I found him in the kitchen"

Six years ago, her partner Sam had brain cancer but had since "beat it".

However upon witnessing Sam's seizure this year, Sammy's first thought was "Oh my God, he has cancer again". 

After multiple scans over multiple months, doctors were able to find "something little" but were not 100% certain. 

One month before Sammy was due to bring beautiful Luna into this world, Sam went in to have brain surgery. 

"Sam had that surgery and that went really well. And we had the MRI afterwards, and they got everything that they thought was there"

"now he's doing chemo, his first round down, and the next round starts next week, it's from home thankfully, and it's been a hell of a lot when you've got a new baby"

One thing is for sure though, Luna has some pretty amazing parents and is very lucky to be growing up in a home filled with love. 

We wish Sammy and Sam all the best and a speedy recovery!