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Sausage roll cake aka Sausage La Torte
The Breakfast Club
The Breakfast Club

Sausage roll cake aka Sausage La Torte

Good luck if you decide to conquer this recipe
1 January 2022 8:02AM


Lana's Cookbook

We all remember when Politician Chris Hipkins was given a slab of Sausage roll cake for his birthday. Well, I decided to give my version a crack!
It’s not your usual but the finished product was a huge success at work, but I have to admit, putting it together does take some time…


- 3 rolls of sausage meat
- Puff pastry
- 2 packets of onion and bacon soup mix
- An egg
- An onion
- Seasoning of your choice



- Cut one onion and add it to your sausage meat in a bowl.
- Throw in a generous amount of seasoning. I use All Purpose, Garlic Powder and Mixed Herbs.
- Lay out one piece of pastry and add your sausage mixture on top.
- Put another piece on top and cut to your desired shape.
- Using a fork, seal the edges by pressing down and stab the top of the pastry a few times over.
- Whisk up that egg and glaze the top of your pastry.
- Cook on fan bake at 200 degrees for 45
- Repeat for how many layers you’re after.
- Stack the layers and use a bit of tomato sauce on each layer to help hold it all together.

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