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The Breakfast Club Belts 'I'm Still Standing'
Who needs Elton when you've got us... am I right?!
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The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club Belts out 'I'm Still Standing'

Who needs to see Elton when you have us...
27 January 2023 8:20AM

It’s been a massive week for Elton John lovers! 

Kicking it all off with his first show at Christchurch’s Orangetheory Stadium, followed by two shows at Auckland’s Mount Smart Stadium. 

It’s safe to say that Lana, Gary and Adam from The Breakfast Club have Elton Feaver. 

Now they did chuck in a little disclaimer on air that they are NOT professional singers, but nevertheless, people on the text machine we’re loving it! 

There is definitely some work to do before the team can take it on a tour that would be anywhere near the level of Elton’s, but they gave it a good crack! 

And what better song to pick from his catalogue than his mega-hit 'I'm Still Standing'

If you manage to hear the live performance from Elton himself, let us know what you thing… did we smash it out of the park? 

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