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The Breakfast Club sing 'What About Us' in French
Pink won't sing her own song in French but maybe she could have us as the opening act?
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The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club give a French take on Pink's iconic 'What About Us'

It's not Pink, but it's kind of close...?
15 March 2023 4:17PM

Imagine seeing the singer Pink in Paris, in one of the world's oldest concert halls. Well, we're giving you the chance to take you there physically - but first, we wanted to try to get you there audibly.

Disclaimer: Lana, Adam and Paul are very clear that their French pronunciation is not good... But what we lack in accuracy we make up in sultry vocals and passion. Maybe just passion. 

So, Pink - If you're looking for an opening act for your show in Paris, may we recommend... someone else!