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The Breakfast Club - Walking Race
Lana, Adam, Paul, Speedy and Bondy battle it out in the fastest walking race around the office
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The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club race to see who's the fastest at walking

Inspired by Lana and Speedy's daily step count challenge, we put the whole Club to the Test!
17 March 2023 5:34PM

It's a weird ritual that Paul has noticed from Lana & Producer Speedy.

All of a sudden, during songs or the news, Lana often calls Producer Speedy and says "Alright, let's go!" and they leave the studio together.

What were they getting up to? Just 'laps' of the office to get their daily step count up!

So naturally, we needed to turn it into a competition so we could see who was the fastest to complete a walking lap of the office.

The only rule is NO running. But a certain someone in the team didn't keep to those rules...

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