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The risk of topless women at public pools
A new rule in Berlin led Lana to share an unfortunate story of her at a public pool
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The Breakfast Club

The risks of going topless at the public pools according to Lana

A conversation about topless pools was always going to end with this embarrassing story from Lana.
13 March 2023 5:09PM

A new measure in Germany's capital city Berlin has been introduced, allowing women to swim topless in public pools - just like men. 

The change was prompted by a female swimmer who had been prevented from entering one of Berlin's public pools without covering her chest back in December 2022. After she lodged a complaint with the city's office, authorities recognised that she had been a victim of discrimination.

So now, Berlin's authorities confirmed that all visitors to public pools in the city, regardless of gender identity, are now allowed to swim topless. This prompted the discussion - would you be happy if we had the freedom to go topless in New Zealand?

Lana had her own interesting take, and a fair warning, of what happens when a more endowed bosom is let loose in a public pool.

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