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Kiwi singer Navvy
The Breakfast Club
The Breakfast Club

Kiwi singer Navvy talks songwriters camp, Rita Ora and 'writers regret'

NAVVY has been over in the UK the last couple of years, and has just released her new song 'Till You're Ready.'
21 April 2023 5:25PM

Kiwi singer-songwriter Navvy just can't keep still! Whether it's been travelling over in the UK for the last couple of years, releasing her first song for 2023 (titled 'Till You're Ready') running across cities for her music videos or writing for other artists - she's constantly on the go.

The singer, whose real name is Phoebe James, rang The Breakfast Club's Lana, Adam & Paul from a songwriters workshop in Copenhagen, where she was invited to write and collaborate with other talented songwriters in Europe.

"There's nothing wrong with [writing in] Grey Lynn, and I want that on the record. But it's just because I live in London and there was this great camp going on in Copenhagen and they said would you like us to fly you out and put you in a nice hotel, and I said 'Sign me up!'".

Navvy, who is so excited to have made songwriting a full-time career for herself, doesn't often have a game plan when it comes to collaborating with someone.

"If there's cool people in the room, I'm happy to just vibe and see what happens."

"I just feel so lucky that this is my job that I'm not putting too much pressure on each day... Just being in a nice room with nice people is enough for me."

While working on her own music, she's also been busy working on writing songs for other people, including co-writing Rita Ora's most recent single 'You Only Love Me'.

"Most of the time I'm writing for other people, and other stuff which is really fun. We did a Christmas song the other day, preparing for December!"

While other songwriter artists like OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder have regrets about letting certain songs go to other artists, Navvy has yet to experience that feeling.

"I just feel I can write more songs, which is kind of the Ed Sheeran way... He always thinks 'That's not gonna be the only thing I ever write' and that's how I feel. If something I love gets taken by an artist I love, nothing's more exciting."

"I guess Ryan Tedder's been around for a bit longer so maybe it's not exciting anymore. I'll let you know in ten to 15 years!"

Check out Navvy's lyric video for 'Till You're Ready' filmed in Auckland's Viaduct Harbour below: