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Paul's secret to a smooth shave
The irony of this product!
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The Breakfast Club

Paul's ironic discovery to gain the smoothest shave

And we've probably all got this product at home!
4 April 2023 9:46AM

Paul just made a groundbreaking discovery - the secret to achieving a perfectly smooth bald head is shaving with the one product you wouldn't expect to need. And it seems like this secret has been hiding in plain sight all along!

Paul decided to go bald a few years ago, and ever since then, he's been using shaving cream to keep his noggin fuzz-free. However, he found the process quite sloppy, and difficult to clean up.

But, recently, he decided to try something new and used his wife's hair conditioner instead of shaving cream. And boy, was he amazed by the results! His head was smoother than ever before and he had very little mess.

Paul is so impressed with this discovery that he's decided to use hair conditioner for all his future shaves. And who can blame him? With results like that, it's worth a try.

Funny enough, Lana also admitted that she's been using hair conditioner to shave her legs for a while now and credits it to giving her a clean shave.

So there you have it. If you're looking for a way to achieve a super smooth shave without the mess, give hair conditioner a go. Who knows, it might change your life (or at least your shaving routine).

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