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The Breakfast Club's Beat the Bridge to win a Fridge
Will Lynette jump to win a brand new fridge, and $500 worth of groceries
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The Breakfast Club

Can Lynette Beat The Bridge?

We took Lynette up the Auckland Harbour Bridge to see if she could Beat The Bridge
1 June 2023 1:25PM

Throughout May, we gave you the chance to win $500 worth of groceries EVERY DAY! And, we wanted to take it to another level. 

Lana, Adam and Paul took their show over to the Auckland Harbour Bridge and gave one listener the chance to ‘Beat the Bridge to win a Fridge (filled with groceries)! 

On Thursday, June 1 Lynette joined The Breakfast Club at AJ Hackett and got kitted up for the jump. We understand people may want to back out by the time it gets to standing on the edge, so Adam was waiting on the sidelines ready to step in. 

Did Lynette manage to Beat the Bridge? Check out the video to find out!