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Lana makes a really bad financial transaction
Will this put her New York trip at risk?
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The Breakfast Club

Lana makes a terrible financial transaction ahead of her New York City trip

Most times, this wouldn't be a bad idea. But before a New York trip? It's a terrible idea...
23 June 2023 5:38PM

The Breakfast Club are heading on break!

But the trip Lana envisioned may be a lot different now, thanks to a slight banking slip-up.

Lana and Katie have been dreaming of this New York trip for many minutes - as far back as pre-Covid in fact. And on the plus side, it's given them plenty of time to save some coin for the trip.

But what happens when every coin you saved goes somewhere completely different? And you leave for your big flight on Monday?

Well, that was the slip-up Lana made in a distracted bank transaction, which could greatly benefit retired Lana - but puts a significant strain on New York Lana...

What did she do? And what will she do?

Hear the full break from the show below: