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Lana, Adam & Paul try the Bad Romance Challenge
Inspired by the Otago Rugby Team, can they complete this Lady Gaga challenge without laughing?
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The Breakfast Club

Lana, Adam & Paul try to not laugh during the 'Bad Romance Challenge'

Adam found this TikTok trend and thought we HAD to try it!
24 August 2023 10:21AM

The Lady Gaga 'Bad Romance Challenge' isn't the newest TikTok trend. But after watching the Otago Rugby team try it out, Adam thought it would be a great idea if The Breakfast Club attempted it too!

The rules are simple - sing the first line of Lady Gaga's hit song 'Bad Romance' as best as you can, with no backing track, and no laughing.

And we should point out - no one in The Breakfast Club is known to be a professional singer. (Maybe Paul when he did a stint on The Masked Singer NZ!)

So watch how Lana, Adam, Paul, Speedy and Bondy go in the #BadRomanceChallenge in the video above!

Hear the full highlight from More FM's Breakfast Club podcast below:

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