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Parents Will Be Shocked! How Sneaky Kids Are Skipping Vape Regulations
The Breakfast Club
The Breakfast Club

Parents Will Be Shocked! How Sneaky Kids Are Skipping Vape Regulations

Lana, Adam, and Paul discuss how kids are bypassing the ID check and getting their hands on vapes.
1 August 2023 1:37PM

While vaping has been recognized as a helpful tool for adults attempting to quit smoking, there is an increasing worry about underage kids gaining access to these products.

One of the primary barriers preventing underage individuals from purchasing vapes in physical stores is the requirement to show ID. Nevertheless, some of them have found a way to get around this restriction.

While chatting with one of his mates who is a teacher, Adam discovered a sneaky tactic kids are using to obtain vapes.

“Parents will be shocked how their kids are actually getting their hands on these vapes” 

They have been visiting stores and buying Prezzy cards, which do not require age verification.

With these gift cards in hand, they proceed to make online purchases of vapes from various websites. The convenience of having the vapes delivered right to their doorstep helps them discreetly bypass the traditional age check process.

However, it doesn't end there; some kids have motives beyond personal use and are using this opportunity to make a quick buck. They take the vapes to school and sell them to their peers.

Essentially, these underage buyers are exploiting gift cards as a means to circumvent age restrictions on websites, effectively transforming them into de facto credit cards for online purchases.

Lana, while acknowledging the potential benefits of vaping for adults quitting smoking, emphasizes that the real concern lies with individuals who have never smoked, especially young people whose lungs are still developing.

“I'm glad vaping is there for those people that smoked because I know a lot of people that transit, so I understand the reason for them being here in the first place. I do not understand the reason to not even be smoking or ever have that addiction issue, to then start vaping.” 

There’s also often the common misconception that ‘it's always someone else's child’.

Have a listen to the full chat from The Breakfast Club podcast below.