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Adam took on a Swiftie in a quiz and lost, can you do better?
The Breakfast Club
The Breakfast Club

Adam took on a Swiftie in a quiz and lost, can you do better?

Adam only got one, now we've beefed up the quiz...
4 October 2023 4:38PM

Adam from The Breakfast Club has recently been making the outrageous claims that he is a devoted Taylor Swift fan, also known as a "Swifite"
But considering he thought the last album she released was Reputation… we’re not buying it. 

So The Breakfast Club decided to put him to the test with a quiz against a real ‘Swiftie’.

The quiz had five (relatively) challenging questions, ranging from removed lyrics to who the pop star is named after. 

Listen to the moment Adam takes on the Swiftie on The Breakfast Club podcast below.  

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Adam started off strong, surprising everyone with a rather niche correct answer… but that was about it. Out of the 5, Adam only got the one right. 

The dedicated Swiftie, however, came in and aced the quiz with flying colours, effortlessly answering all five questions correctly. 

It's safe to say that Adam’s knowledge seemed rather limited when it came to Taylor Swift.
But hey, as a Swiftie we’re always keen to welcome more into the cult… I mean family! 

Now, it's your turn to see if you know Taylor Swift better than Adam! But be warned, we've beefed up the quiz a bit.
This quiz has a few more questions for you, ranging from lyrics to important dates.
So get ready to test your Taylor Swift knowledge! (I mean you only need to get two correct answers to beat Adam…)