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Paul shares the story of how he met his wife Janine
Paul and Janine celebrate 35 years together this weekend - and it's got him a bit choked up!
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The Breakfast Club

Paul gives a beautiful dedication to his wife Janine ahead of their 35th wedding anniverary

Paul choking up about the love of his life has us getting a bit teary too!
9 February 2024 5:11PM

It's a romance story that started like the scene of a movie!

Imagine a strikingly tall, mullet-haired Paul Ego doing a dramatic leap off-stage as his band, The Yes Men, were performing at a Waihi Beach venue for New Year's Eve in the '80s.

And across the room stood a strikingly beautiful woman by the name of Janine, who caught his eye - and eventually his heart.

That's how Paul and Janine's love story began - but it's the way Paul still describes his bride of 35 years that's got us wiping a tear from our eye.

"All these years later,  I'll still catch sight of her across a room, even though I've known her for so long. And I'll see her face or I'll see her laughing or smiling. And just like it is happening now, I would just get that little catch my breath and I... I still just can't. I can't believe that she's mine."

Paul and his wife Janine, who got married on February 10th 1989, have now raised two strong sons, Issac and Gabriel, and have built a circle of support and friendship that Paul credits all to Janine.

"You know, she's just such a thoughtful and kind person. Her first thought is always, whether it's somebody she's meeting for the first time or one of her friends, her first thought is always, what can I do to make their life better?"

"And I wish I was more like her in many ways. I think she makes me a better person. And through knowing her all these years, I hope that I have become a better person. Just everyone that comes into her orbit is just better for it."

And it turns out, despite Paul practising as a stand-up comedian for all these years, he's not the funniest one in the family...

"She has just got the most wicked sense of humour. Sometimes it will be at a party and she will say something that's just so much funnier and more outrageous than anything I could think of. And it would just absolutely destroy me and I'll just be like, ‘God, I love this woman.’ She's just incredible. "

Maybe we should have hired Janine into the More FM Breakfast Club! But we know that Paul and Janine still sound so utterly in love after all these years. We can only wish for everyone to have a love as strong as theirs 35 years on.

Congrats Paul and Janine!

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