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Listener Theresa injures herself after getting in the draw for Free for a Year

This has to be the most painful celebration we've heard of
15 March 2024 1:54PM

Listeners have gone to some lengths to get in the draw for Free for a Year, where we cover Rent or Mortgage, Grocery, Power or Fuel bills for an entire year!

Listener Theresa was put in the draw after getting on-air with The Breakfast Club on Thursday. Afterwards she shared with us the chaos that followed.

Just doing a little bit of a dance in the kitchen, and I dinged the edge of my glass dome which slices through my finger. I scream. The kids screamed, the dog started barking and now there's blood dripping everywhere.

Despite a slightly chaotic start to the morning, Theresa still had a positive outlook.

I had shards of glass in the coffee I had just made, there was glass all through the kid's lunches, but all of that kind of put aside and I still got in the drawer.

Thankfully Theresa recovered well, and was put in the draw for the second time, when relaying the story to the Breakfast Club in the following morning 

If you've been entered, keep your phone on from 6:45am Monday morning, the Breakfast Club could be calling you

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