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Can chocolate milk go in a SodaStream? The Breakfast Club checks its Fizz Factor

Unsure what was worse, the Spaghetti or the Chocolate Milk
15 April 2024 2:51PM

If you have ever wondered what could be fizzed in the SodaStream, The Breakfast Club decided to test it for themselves, before any disasters happened in your kitchen, especially during the School Holiday

Adam, Lana, and Paul all selected one item each they’d like to try in the SodaStream, with Adam selecting Oil and Paul choosing to test Chocolate Milk, while Lana’s Spaghetti was easily the strangest of the three options.

The first to be tested was Lana's Spaghetti, which showed some concern with the juice overflowing towards the end.

Upon attempting to open the bottle, the Spaghetti erupted better than any child’s science project, leaving Adam's white clothes covered in Spaghetti. 

While telling Adam to calm down from his panic about his clothes turning orange, Lana taste-tested the Spaghetti to confirm it definitely doesn't fizz.

Onto the next option, Chocolate Milk which despite the age-old advice of ‘never drink fizzy milk,’ Paul was determined to test the ‘Fizz Factor’. After a smooth start, with no results from three pumps of the SodaStream, disaster soon struck upon opening the bottle

Paul's "Be careful opening the bottle" was the famous last words before the entire kitchen bench, floor and windows were covered in Chocolate Milk

At this point, the smartest decision was not to test the Oil in the SodaStream.

In reflection, if it doesn't already fizz it probably shouldn't be put into a SodaStream