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Cat returns home after the Cyclone
The Breakfast Club
The Breakfast Club

Hawke’s Bay cat reunited with family one year on from Cyclone Gabrielle

Can you imagine finding your missing pet one year later?
4 April 2024 10:34AM

A heartwarming story has come from Hawke’s Bay where a family has been reunited with their cat, one year after it disappeared during the tragic events of Cyclone Gabrielle.

Jana Braga and her children were among those evacuated during the cyclone and ensured they brought their cat Pheobe with them while transitioning through places to stay.

Amidst the chaos, Phoebe became spooked while on her lead and disappeared.

Despite the family’s best efforts to locate their beloved pet, six months on from the cyclone and no further progress, they began losing hope.

However, on the first anniversary of the Cyclone, Jana posted to social media to see if anyone had seen a cat in the description of Pheobe. Miraculously, Jana received a message about a cat who was living under a school in Marewa, near Napier CBD.

With the help of the SPCA, they captured the cat and upon scanning the microchip, confirmed it was indeed their long-lost cat Pheobe

The Breakfast Club’s Adam & Paul wanted to find the longest time a pet had run away and returned. Bondy set the bar at 12 days after his cat Mingles went missing, and randomly returned like nothing had happened 

One listener mentioned they found their cat under a deck FOUR YEARS after the Christchurch Earthquake.

Barb spoke with The Breakfast Club about moving houses in Dunedin and trying to use every cat trick in the book, including putting butter on the cat's feet and keeping them inside for seven days. Unfortunately, once her cat Rocky was let outside, she never returned.

Three years later, Barb was caregiving for an elderly lady and discovered Rocky had found a new home, with a new name