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The Breakfast Club

Purple Wiggle John Pearce shares new ‘Backseat Bandmastesan’ for Kiwi Kids

This will be such a great way to keep the kids entertained on a Thrifty roadtrip
24 May 2024 1:17PM

It probably will come as no surprise that research has now proven, that on a typical road trip, our kids will have roughly 7 tantrums and ask “Are we there yet” more than 17 times so The Wiggles want to do their bit, to help parents.

Teaming up with Thrifty car rentals in NZ, The Wiggles, have launched a ‘Backseat Bandmatesan’ in-car song concert to help keep the kids entertained on the road

In their Instagram post, The Wiggles said “This collaboration transforms rental cars into mobile musicals, where children can sing along to their favourite Wiggles hits”

John, the Purple Wiggle told the Breakfast Club this morning “It’s bringing back the good old fun road trips with your family, instead of the Kids watching the iPad”

John admits while it may not seem like everyone loves the wiggles, "Even those who don't seem like they want to sing along, they're singing along in their head"

In ‘Backseat Bandmastesan’ you’ll get an exclusive fun pack that includes an activity book and exclusive audio games and songs to play along with the activities in the book.


With the Wiggles returning to New Zealand for three concerts later this year, Lana asked if we’ll spot John out and about with his Skivvy on.

“We can wear our Skivveys wherever we go, however, I probably won’t be”

Surprisingly John only had one skivvy up until recently 

“At the beginning, I had one that I was just washing between shows and trying to get clean I’ve got a few now. I think early one I was wearing one of the original purple skivvies but now I've got one made to my body”