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We found out what actually happens when you spend more than 10 minutes in a smart toilet

Probably wouldnt recommend visiting these toilets for longer than 10 minutes
28 May 2024 3:08PM

Smart toilets are now in most towns, they look similar to the standard public toilet however they have a voice-over once you walk in that says “The door is now locked, it will re-open in 10 minutes”

Which had The Breakfast Club wondering, what happens after 10 minutes? Does the door swing open? Does the toilet self-clean? Will there be an alarm sound?

It was only right for us to test it and find out ourselves, with Paul and Bondy heading to an undisclosed location to see what happens after 10 minutes.

After entering the smart toilet, Bondy’s first reaction was ‘It’s very cold, there are no heaters”.

Our first indication something might happen was when Paul read a sign outside of the toilet that warned of a ‘Loiter Alarm’ that said “After 10 minutes warning will sound and the door will open”

But the question remained, was the Loiter Alarm all that would happen? or as Paul said “Is Bondy going to come out dripping with Bleach?"

After exactly 10 minutes, the voice-over returned to say “Your user time has expired, please leave this cubicle immediately”

On the outside, Paul noticed that the vacant button was switched to green, indicating that the toilet was now free to use and open (despite Bondy still being inside)

Much to the disappointment of Bondy, absolutely nothing was happening inside. There was no cleaning, no alarms just a voice-over repeating “Please leave immediately”

After 17 minutes spent inside the smart toilet cubicle, with nothing happening, Paul cracked the door open to finally let Bondy free.

This tells us a few things, if you’re using the 10 minutes cubicles and happen to go over time, nothing drastic will happen to you or the toilet

However, you may be left in an awkward situation with the vacant light turning green, showing the public that the toilet is available to be used, despite someone being inside.