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BFC - Adam's Birthday Party
The Breakfast Club
The Breakfast Club

Adam threw a ‘No Smoking’ themed birthday party for his 3yo daughter and it’s gone MEGA viral

Have you ever seen so many hazard and warning signs at a toddlers b-day?!
5 June 2024 4:00PM

Throwing a birthday party for a toddler is no small feat. Perfecting the theme is crucial to their interests right then and there. 

For our very own Adam Percival, things were a little more, ahem, unique when it came to planning his daughter Gigi’s big celebration.

In April, Adam shared with the Breakfast Club that his daughter had become “obsessed” with all kinds of signs after being sent a bunch from around the world. 

So much so, little Gigi requested to have a sign-themed birthday party. 

From ‘Caution: Slippery Floor’ to ‘clothing optional’, Adam showed us his unique decorations. 

Not only that, they had “Keep your head above the water” and “Watch for Children” printed on cupcakes and cookies for guests at the party

Adam took things a step further by creating ‘No Smoking’ cake, specifically requested by Gigi herself.

After doing the viral rounds online, Adam’s video reached a whopping 13 million views and gained thousands of comments with one person saying “My favorite genre is little kids with niche interests and the parents that go along with the nonsense 😂”

Another added: “Look at this safety-promoting queen!”

With the video gaining such huge traction online, the story caught international attention, including coverage from Daily Mail UK.

Caught by total surprise, Adam didn’t realise his party had been picked up until he received plenty of messages informing him he was making headlines alongside the likes of Ben Afleck, Jennifer Lopez and Khloé Kardashian.

Adam found the whole thing “bizarre,” while Lana was over the moon, saying: “We’ve never made it to the Daily Mail.”

Adam went on to mention, that he has followed up to see if he gets a cut of money from the article, however, he hasn’t heard anything back - it’s not looking good. 

I wonder what Gigi will request for her fourth birthday?! It’s gonna be hard to top this on