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Lana shares images of intense brusing after varicose veins surgery

Warning: Theres a reason we didn't post this to social media.
5 June 2024 7:07AM

A week on from varicose veins surgery, Lana has shared an update on her recovery including sharing an image of some intense bruising to her leg.

Speaking about the reason for the surgery, Lana mentioned it wasn't until she started playing rugby that it began to feel quite painful after being knocked around

Describing the procedure, Lana explained “The surgeon started with this Radio Frequency thing, that managed to close off veins before pulling them out” going on to say that it was her terminology “There is much more technical description”

“I was under a general anesthetic, so I could see it all and feel it all happening”

“It has been an interesting recovery because they want you up and moving to avoid blood clots”

“I have also been watching the bruising grow, which suggests I should have felt more than I did “

Before revealing the bruising online, Lana mentioned “This comes as a disclaimer to you, we do not want to put it on social media where you might come across it when you do not want to see it”

After showing the team, Adam described it as “When you go to a preschool or a kindy and you see the artwork on the wall, thats what it looks like”

While Paul describes it as StingRay, with a tale coming out the back