Mum shares her brilliant meal-prep plan which feeds her family for 7 weeks

we love 15/01/2020

A mum has impressed the internet with her intense meal-prep work she does for her family. The woman worked hard to create enough meals (to be stored in the freezer) to last her family for 7 weeks!

"My biggest budget blow out is buying unnecessary stuff at the supermarket." she wrote on Facebook.

"So instead I’ve made seven weeks worth of meals, it cost approximately $400 in ingredients which equates to about $55 a week."

Once the meals were made all she had to do was add fresh veges when needed.

"You could certainly choose more budget friendly meals (lamb mince is expensive, for example) but I’m happy with this cost."

"I still have more to do but have run out of room in my second freezer. This week I did a huge bulk meal prep, making seven different dishes," 

Here are the dishes the mum was able to prepare within her budget...

  • Thai chicken mince with rice or lettuce cups x 5
  • Spaghetti Bolognaise with heaps of hidden veg x 12
  • Lamb ragu with pasta or gnocchi x 8
  • Mexican beef mince with tacos, nachos or stuffed sweet potatoes x 10
  • Lemon basil pesto chicken tenderloins with vegetables and pasta x 5
  • Sun dried tomato pasta bake - (not put together yet due to space) x 6
  • Mexican pulled pork burritos - (not put together due to space) x 6

Even though it would've been a huge amount of work at the time, we're sure all the hardwork was worth it!