Mum hilariously forgets to put the kids in the car for school-drop off

funny stuff 27/02/2020

School drop-offs can be stressful... But they're even more stressful when you completely forget to take the kids in the first place!

This woman is going viral on Twitter after sharing a video showing her during her morning drop off but realising she left her kids at home...

Many people reacted to the video, imaging how the situation would've unfolded in their family.

"Imagine stepping outta the house, backpack in hand and seeing your mums pull out the driveway and speed down the block." one person wrote.

"My mum would’ve been mad as s**t make it our fault we not in the car." added another.

Thankfully a second video was uploaded showing her kids' reaction to her coming back to pick them up. 

It might have been a hassle, but what a hilarious way to start the day!