Parents are losing it over suggestive ‘Brenda’s Beaver' children's book

goss 03/04/2020

A UK dad was given a bit of a shock when his son innocently brought home a kid’s book from school telling the story of a woman’s “hairy beaver”. 

The book titled "Brenda's beaver needs a barber" (questionable in itself), goes on to illustrate a woman called Brenda and her pet beaver enjoying some time out. The pictures themselves seem completely harmless, but the story is what makes it seem rather inappropriate for kids. 

Dad Stuart McLean was originally shocked at the book’s contents, but found it too funny not to share with other parents online.

Stuart posted pictures of the book online, which you can follow below.

The post soon went viral, with people loving the clearly not-kid-appropriate content, being shared almost 10,000 times and racking up over 2,000 likes and almost 6,000 comments. 

We have no idea how the book managed to make it into a school, or how it got published as a kids book to begin with to be honest. On the surface it may be innocent, but those references to one character's "beaver" having a "landing strip", and another being "quite rare" and "completely bare", before revealing it was "Brazilian" cannot be ignored.