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Teachers confess which names they believe belong to naughty kids

Teachers confess which names they believe belong to naughty kids

“A lot of teachers were like ‘yep, there are names that are red-flags’.
1 February 2022 6:05PM

A vlogger has collated the opinions of teachers and found that they have a common belief of which names belong to more difficult children in the classroom.

Mum-of-three, SJ Strum, had talked to teachers for their anonymous tips and stories about names in the classroom, and the discussion of names they judge as "naughty names" came up.

“There were some that stuck out and came up again and again.

“Jake, Max, Jack and the biggest one for boys was anything ending in den - so Hayden, Jayden, apparently always naughty, always disruptive, not listening.

“When it came to girls it was quite interesting, apparently Islas and Jessicas are really chatty names.  

“Apparently Martha is high-maintenance. Alexandra can be a bit of a bully apparently.  
“So, there are names that people judge. It is very common.” 

Teachers also shared to SJ that they liked "unique names" as long as they are "not weird."

“Unique names that are spelt easily and correctly to say are absolutely fine. They liked names like Sage, Joanie, Scout.

But if there is one pet peeve teachers share in terms of kids names - they hate common names with unique spellings.

“It’s just something that is confusing for the teacher and really confusing for the kid as well.

“Emma-Leigh as a double-barrelled for Emily really was a tough one and Jaxsyn spelt like this. Imagine with this spelling and there was even a Fee-Bee.”

So if you'd like to get on a good side with all your children's teachers - make sure they don't have difficult names!

Watch her full video below: