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This viral hack for buying cheap international flights is so easy, why'd we not find it sooner?

This viral hack for buying cheap international flights is so easy, why'd we not find it sooner?

There has to be a catch...?

Got a little bit of the travel bug after seeing everyone flaunting it overseas? Well, say no more, because there's a hack to finding cheap flights going viral and it's got people wondering why we ever paid full price for flights.

TikToker @AroundTheAtlas blew up with her discovery, racking up a whopping 4.3 million views for what might be the easiest travel hack we've ever heard of.

So, what's between you and getting disgustingly cheap flights? Four easy steps, oh, and Google!

1. We wish we were kidding when we say to just Google flights, but that's it. Type in 'Google Flights' and hit enter.
2. Pick your takeoff location (most likely your nearest airport) and select the round-trip option above.
3. Don't have an idea of where you're headed? No stress! Tap the "Anywhere" option and watch as the options spread worldwide.
4. Bam! Too easy. Take your pick for your next holiday away - with or without the family.

Google Flights does its thing by searching for the lowest return prices from all over the internet, meaning you can kick your feet up and leave all the hard yards to, well, Google.

I gave it a go myself and there are flights to places I hadn't even heard of, some with price tags as humble as $356 return to Aus. It'll even tell you how much you're saving, so you know you're getting a sweet deal.

In her TikTok video, @AroundTheAtlas showcases flights spanning the globe, from Europe to Asia to the Americas.

There is a catch though, dun-dun-dun!

While they hook you in with the cheap-as-chips prices, some flight departure dates and connecting flights might only be for the bravest and most patient travellers.

I just saw an Auckland to Dubai route that had three separate flights! 

So, do you take the path less travelled for the sake of saving a couple hundred dollars? Or do you splurge for a smoother, stress-free ride? That's totally up to you.