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Ed Sheeran to release the last of his "mathematics" albums this year

Ed Sheeran to release the last of his "mathematics" albums this year

It's one of two albums he will release before his NZ tour.
21 March 2022 3:47PM

Ed Sheeran is finished with mathematical album titles.

The 31-year-old pop star has so far released smash hit albums '+', 'x', '÷' , 'No.6 Collaborations Project ' and '=' and when asked how "obscure" the symbols are going to get as he releases more albums, he claimed that is done with mathematically-themed titles.

Speaking on the Australian ‘Carrie & Tommy’ podcast, he said: “That’s it. There’s only five. The other one will be out before I come to New Zealand [and Australia] to do the tour.”

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Ed is set to perform the second leg of his +–=÷x Tour (pronounced ‘Mathematics Tour’) in New Zealand and Australia in early February 2023. The first leg of the tour, with European locations, is set to begin in April 2022 in Dublin.

'Subtract’ is expected to be released sometime in 2022, though there has not been an official announcement with a specific release date yet.

The 'Shivers' hitmaker- who has nineteen-month old daughter Lyra with wife Cherry Seaborn -was then asked to name one thing he didn’t like about his job as a musician, but claimed that small issues are irrelevant "when you’re doing what you love "for work and that his job is "98%" awesome.

He added: “When you do what you love for a living, there’s always something that you’re like ‘meh’ about, but when it’s something in the midst of like 98% awesome, it just doesn’t matter.

“So I wouldn’t be able to pinpoint one thing [I don’t like] but there’s obviously always something. … But if you lost that bit, you might lose everything else, because it all works together. So I don’t really view anything [specific]. My job is to play music every day, if I find something to complain about, that’s just weird.”

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