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Slips, slides and 5 things you may have missed on Treasure Island: Fans v Faves week 2
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Slips, slides and 5 things you may have missed on Treasure Island: Fans v Faves week 2

Joshes were joshing about, while the faves had a fight with a slip and slide!
8 February 2023 9:11PM

Storms, storm outs, team swaps and a man yelling at the sky in his underwear - This week’s  Treasure Island saw us lose another two competitors this week, including the first Fave Josh Kronfeld who wore his TrueBliss tee with pride. We miss him already (not that Josh is watching the show!) but here are some of the other moments we missed across the week!

1. Joe Cotton, queen of costumes

You know that game where you ask yourself, what items would you bring if I were on a deserted island? Well, only our Joe Cotton, TrueBliss Popstar and costume lover, would go into a deserted island with a full make-up palette and dress up in an inspired Harley Quinn look. This outfit was by far the look of the week, closely followed by Joe’s fierce but highly impractical leopard print two-piece set with a matching hat.

2. Lana the ex-rugby player?

Lana Searle may be a radio host now, but did you know that she previously played women’s rugby? During the team face-off, when Lana pushed against Fans personal trainer Anna, some may have been surprised when Fans teammate Adam revealed that Lana was an ex-rugby player. In fact, Lana played school rugby for 15 years back in her hometown! Adam was right when he said that “Anna’s got no shot!”

Josh Oakley missed a spot

Keen-eyed fans watching Dame Susan’s son walk off eliminated at the end of episode 6 may have noticed that Josh never collected his winnings from the previous night’s elimination he won against Josh Kronfield. So, what will become of that mysterious bag on the bridge?

4. Dame Susan Devoy’s motto

Devoy is no stranger to stirring things up on the island, but this week it seems her secret expeditions have some hard-hitting consequences.  But hey, she doesn’t shy away from the fact when confronted, you may even spot a sassy little motto on her shirt during the elimination challenge in episode 6 - “Well-behaved women seldom make history”.  Safe to say she’ll keep making waves throughout this season!

5. The celebrities were basted with cooking oil in the Fiji sun

You would think that after Joe’s literal glowing skin in that first episode, maybe the Faves will be a bit more conscious about that old slip, slop, slap. Well, during the charity challenge where they were trying to have a hog-tied slip-and-slide race with each other, the Faves had covered themselves in an unfortunate lubricant - cooking oil. Josh Kronfield told The Breakfast Club that “it stung and got in your eyes.” Lana added that it also “got us sunburnt faster!

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