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Treasure Island: Fans v Faves winner 2023
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Treasure Island: Fans v Faves winner digs up the $50,000 grand prize

In a fierce three-person final, there could only be one to find the buried treasure!
1 March 2023 8:34PM

After a wild, challenging and stormy 14 days on the Island - Treasure Island: Fans v Faves has found its winner for 2023!

It came down to More FM’s very own Lana Cochrane-Searle, battling former world squash champion Dame Susan Devoy and TV Breakfast host Matty McLean to dig for the $50,000 grand prize hidden in the deserted Fiji island. 

It was a battle that took them across the sand, water and through the wild untamed forest, deciphering the clues and using the mysterious “stones of power” they had collected through the season to their advantage.

[Warning: Spoiler Alert below!]

And after an exhausting race, it was Matty McLean who was in tears as he discovered the hidden treasure chest.

Matty’s $50,000 prize will be donated to Zeal Education Trust, as well as a further $10,000 he also won in the final charity challenge.

Both Dame Susan and Lana had also won money for their charities in previous challenges, so neither of the runner-ups left the island empty-handed.

Lana shared with us after the show:

“After lasting this long I already feel like I’ve won, perhaps it was because we bowled out some big competitors on the way but I think it's awesome that if I didn't win, at least my work husband did!” 

“Let's be honest here, Matty has analysed this game for at least a decade - so the fact that he won is kinda awesome.”

You can stream all episodes of this year’s Treasure Island: Fans V Faves series now on TVNZ+.