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'Buzzing': Kiwi duo perform with Michael Bublé at NZ concert after he heard them sing that day
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'Buzzing': Kiwi duo perform with Michael Bublé at NZ concert after he heard them sing that day

"I didn't actually feel nervous".

Michael Bublé was so stunned by a couple of Kiwi musicians that he had them sing with him at his Auckland concert. 

Vanessa Abernethy and John Gorbey, who make up the musical duo 2Fold, were casually performing at the Auckland Fish Market when a man enthusiastically applauded before running up to them. That man was none other than Michael Bublé. 

Just hours later Vanessa and John were singing to an audience of 12,000+ Bublé fans at Auckland’s Spark Arena.

Vanessa couldn't believe it at first, telling MediaWorks she thought it was a joke!

As mentioned, after his loud applause, Bublé greeted Vanessa and John. The ‘Haven’t Met You Yet’ singer praised the duo immensely before inviting them to be in his TikTok video. 

“He was recording on his phone and looking at us and pointing his phone at us and then he sort of came over with his wife,” Vanessa recalled. 

“He said: ‘Look I’m doing a TikTok, you guys are absolutely fantastic, would be keen to be in my TikTok?’. Johnny said: ‘Oh yeah well I’m coming to your show tonight’.”

“Bublé then said: ‘Would you guys be interested in getting up and singing with me live tonight at my show?’.”

Vanessa “thought it was a prank” at first, but Bublé insisted it was real. After the Canadian singer ensured he could get Vanessa the tickets she didn’t have, the plan went full steam ahead. 

Once the night rolled around and 2Fold were sitting up front at the concert, there was a bit of planning before the big moment. Eventually, the man himself called out their names. During her performance in front of thousands, Vanessa said she was cool as a cucumber

“I didn’t actually feel nervous. I just felt really comfortable and confident and buzzing, just really buzzing.”

Vanessa says she’s already had a “mental” amount of people enquiring about her and Johnny’s music. She then shared a bit of advice from someone who’s been performing for twenty-plus years. 

“We just love what we do. I woke up at 3 this morning and thought about how people say: ‘Sing like nobody’s watching’. And for me, it’s ‘Sing because you never know who’s watching’.”

What an unforgettable experience for Vanessa and Johnny, and good on Bublé for recognising, platforming, and celebrating their talent!