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Sanitarium is going to stop making some classic NZ cereals and Kiwis are gutted
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Kiwi As

Sanitarium is going to stop making some classic NZ cereals and Kiwis are gutted

They are keeping a few favourites around though.

In 2025, many New Zealanders will be eating something new for breakfast. 

By June of next year, Sanitarium plans to completely stop making its muesli granola, flake clusters and puff cereals. So, if you chow down on Light ‘n’ Tasty, Honey Puffs, Weeties, Weet-Bix Clusters, Cluster Crisp, Puffed Wheat, Muesli and Granola, you’re going to need a new plan to start your day. 

The breakfast food giant will still be making Skippy Cornflakes, Ricies, UP&GO, Weet-Bix and Marmite, so no need to fully panic. 

Sanitarium’s NZ general manager Michael Barton said that cereal just isn’t as popular as it used to be. He explained that over 20% of Kiwis have something other than traditional flaked cereal for breakfast. 

“The breakfast market is changing, and we have seen a global move away from some cereal formats,” he said. “We need to align our production with evolving consumer appetites and demand trends."

"Our sales for muesli, granola, clusters, Light 'n' Tasty and puffed cereals represent just 10% of sales and have been declining steadily over several years.”

Kiwis online are hurting from the news that key pieces in their pantry will be gone. 

“I’m genuinely quite upset to see cluster crisps going,” one person on Reddit wrote. “It's the one cereal I buy for myself.”

“That’s sh*t,” said another. “The muesli is decent and good value when on special.”

“A few of the products we've regularly bought at the supermarket have now been discontinued,” a third added. “This is just another casualty to add to the list.”

RIP to a legit piece of my childhood. Seven-year-old me could eat three bowls of Honey Puffs in one sitting like it was nothing.