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Kellogg’s has launched a healthier version of one of their most iconic cereals for Kiwi kids
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Kellogg’s has launched a healthier version of one of their most iconic cereals for Kiwi kids

It's already passed the taste test from a few children critics.

As yummy as cereal is, it's not always the healthiest option when it comes to the kiddos' breakfasts.

Kellogg’s is trying to change that with Coco Pops Chocos, a new version of their iconic chocolate cereal that they say is healthier. It has 25% less sugar than the original Coco Pops and also claims to contain vitamins and minerals.

They tested the healthier alternative with a bunch of kid critics who called it “delicious, very chocolatey” and “super crunchy”. So, it certainly sounds like the decrease in sugar hasn’t bothered the little ones!

Kellanova NZ’s marketing manager Robert Saunders believes the stamp of approval from the kids combined means the new cereal is set to make it a mainstay. 

“We expect them to have broad appeal as they provide a great better-for-you breakfast cereal that parents can provide to their kids," he said, "knowing it features 4 health stars and enhanced nutritional benefits, including 25% less sugar, 7 essential vitamins and minerals plus fibre.”

“Best of all though it passes the taste test amongst some of our fussiest consumers - kids! They are always quick to tell us what they don’t like, fortunately, Coco Pops Chocos received smiles all around and plenty of empty bowls.”

It’s a good time for a new cereal to enter the pantry, as last week Sanitarium announced they’d be discontinuing a bunch of Kiwi faves.

By June of next year, they plan to completely stop making their muesli granola, flake clusters and puff cereals. So, if you chow down on Light ‘n’ Tasty, Honey Puffs, Weeties, Weet-Bix Clusters, Cluster Crisp, Puffed Wheat, Muesli and Granola, you’re going to need a new plan to start your day. 

I loved Coco Pops as a kid but now that I’m all grown up, it’s hard to justify eating a bowl of chocolate first thing in the morning. Maybe this new option will be a hit with the millennials as well as the kids!