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Kiwi bride almost derails her wedding by taking a terrible trip before the ceremony
Jay-Jay & Flynny
Jay-Jay & Flynny

Kiwi bride almost derails her wedding by taking a terrible 'trip' before the ceremony

A confession of the worst wedding moments from a celebrant!
11 November 2022 6:36PM

Outside of his radio day job, Flynny has worked hundreds of jobs marrying happy couples as a wedding celebrant, MC and DJ. And while he's working behind the scenes of a couple's big day - he hears and sees A LOT.

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In our Jay-Jay & Flynny: After Dark episode, Flynny confessed some of the worst crimes he's ever witnessed at weddings he's worked at.

At one particular wedding, Flynny found himself trying to delay a ceremony for a bride that was, perhaps a little nervous?

And in a very, VERY terrible move, she decided to take a little... trip. The worst type of trip to take as a woman about to get hitched.

"She is in no fit state to show up to this wedding ceremony," a panicked bridesmaid told Flynny over the phone.

"So I said, 'What do you want me to do?' They go, 'Can you delay the wedding for an hour?' And I was like, 'Are you joking? Everyone here?'"

"And they said, 'Please, please, it's going to be a disaster. Can you delay it?'"

Flynny agrees, and tries to convince the groom that the ceremony needs to be delayed for an hour, making up an excuse for the bride who was in no state to walk down the aisle.

While an hour is manageable enough to delay - until another phone call came through from the bridesmaid asking for the ceremony to be delayed another hour...

"By this time, everyone's going  'Is she coming?'"

Eventually, she does arrive, not looking her best. As she's walked down the aisle by her dad, he "looks less than impressed."

"It was pretty awkward because the groom wasn't impressed, but that was one of the more shocking things that happened at the wedding."

Whether or not that couple is still together, Flynny doesn't know. But we hope she hasn't taken another trip since!

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