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Flynny got a bit of extra special treatment during his honeymoon couples massage
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Jay-Jay & Flynny

Flynny's special treatment during his honeymoon couple's massage

"I thought, 'Oh! Just must be what they do.'"
25 May 2023 2:23PM

Flynny and his new wife Jo had an amazing time on their Waiheke Island honeymoon together (well, once they got off the boat.)

Together, madly in love on a beautiful island in luxury accommodation... what could be better?

How about a couple's massage!

Except, Flynny and Jo's couple's massage experience wasn't the same shared experience. Flynny seemed to get some special treatment and extra attention. And while the rest of us can see the red flags, Flynny was too hypnotised by the whole massage experience to realise what was going on... Until Jo said something!

Watch what happened in the video above.

Hear about the other hiccup Flynny & Jo had at their wedding in the clip below.

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