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Kiwi psychologist shares how to best avoid the 'back to work blues'
Jay-Jay & Flynny
Jay-Jay & Flynny

Kiwi psychologist shares how to best avoid the 'back to work blues'

Feeling deflated returning to the office?
23 January 2024 5:01PM

Are you spending your days in the office staring out the window at that beautiful summer sun, wishing to be free from your endless emails and cold desk?

Sounds like you could have some 'back to work' blues!

With the whole year ahead of you and summer weather that's feeling wasted - we asked friend of the show, psychologist Sara Chatwin from MindWorks, for some helpful advice to get us through January and keep us going all year.

Listen to the full list of suggestions she gave to Jay-Jay & Flynny in the highlight above.

1 - Have a plan!

"With a plan, you can achieve anything!"

New year, new you? Sara says it's all about starting with that "positive attitude" so make sure you've got things to look forward to across the year. Planning activities, events, or having short and long term goals will keep you moving forward, and keep you excited.

2 - Find that work/life balance

"Don't throw yourself 100% into everything."

With a culture of burnout, the last thing you want to do is run out of gas before you've even begun. It's worthwhile to remember to give everything its own energy, but not take ALL of your energy.

3 - Get out of the office

"Get into that green space and get moving."

There's life outside the four walls of your office, so while the weather's good - go on a walk! A bit of fresh air can always help that afternoon slump. See if you can make some of those meetings outdoors while the sun is out too!

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