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Sammy's News
Sam has some exciting news to share...
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The Breakfast Club

Sammy has some big news for us!

A lot has happened in Sam's world since we last caught up with her...
27 January 2023 8:13AM

Sammy popped into the studio to give us a little life update, and she had something big to share! 

The last time she was in the studio, Sam and her partner Sam told us about the “rollercoaster of a year” they had in 2022. 

Back when I was about ten weeks pregnant, my partner Sam had a seizure, and I found him in the kitchen

(FYI it might get confusing which Sam is which, so for the rest of this article we’ll call girl Sam ‘Sammy’ and boy Sam just ‘Sam’. Ok? Good to go!) 

Sammy thinks that last year's health issues could’ve been the “kick up the behind” that started getting the wheels in motion for this development.

I sort of knew that something was in the works, but I didn’t know what had happened

About a month ago Sammy came home to find her house looked a little… strange.

The first hint was a collection of potplants placed outside, which ended up continuing into the house along with some candles. 

I came around the corner and Luna was sitting in the bouncer on like a sheet and there was all these potplants and candles

Her first thought was that Sam was doing a cute little photoshoot with the baby, but when she turned around and saw his face, she instantly knew what was about to happen. 

I just started crying, and then he started crying

And then it finally happened, he got down on one knee and popped the question! 

Sammy gave The Breakfast Club the full rundown on air, and they were all absolutely stoked for the Sams! 

Listen to the full moment on our podcast. 

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