Mum shares 'life-changing' hack for getting the kids to sleep in 5 mins


A busy mother has revealed her full-proof method for putting her son to sleep in just five minutes, and she believes it is a game-changer!

Every parent understands the struggle of trying to get their young children to sleep well.

There are numerous blocks in their path from birth to late toddlerhood as routines change, and they continue to fight the idea of settling before bed.

Brittany Vasseur, a TikTok mum, has shared a helpful video of the method she uses to put her son to bed.

Although the hack has become viral from Brittany’s post, she does give credit to @Macy Sapp for first sharing the hack.

“I saw this randomly on TikTok, and it works. To make your child fall asleep faster, this is the process and what you need to do. I can’t believe it worked as well as it did.

There are only two steps to the process - It’s that simple.

  1. The first thing you should do is tell them, “you don't need to sleep. Just lie down with your eyes closed.”

  2. Then you need to take a book, any book, and read it to them in a hushed, soothing tone, and deliver the book in a voice barely above a whisper.

Brittany adds: “So you sound ridiculous, but basically, you read it to them in a very slow, soft, soothing voice and it kind of sends them into a hypnotic state.

I know I would fall asleep instantly with this hack, so it’s worth trying!