Mum has a hilarious birthday fail thanks to Kmart purchase


We all know how great Kmart is when it comes to their extensive selection of party decor, but one shopper got a hilarious surprise when she started to set up for her child's party. 

Amber was getting everything ready for her daughter, Luca, ahead of her birthday when she noticed something a little off. She was blowing up the balloon letters to spell LUCA but it ended up more like LUBA…? 


Somehow the letter "B" ended up being labelled as a "C,"! 

Amber posted the mix-up to a Kmart Facebook group: "Go home Kmart, you’re drunk. It may have ruined my birthday set-up but it made my night," 

People were losing it in the comments: "OMG I laughed then had a coughing fit and was between choking, coughing and laughing. You made my night. Hope you still had a good time, sorry Kmart suppliers don't know their alphabet," while another added: "Kmart needs to go back to school and learn their alphabet,".

Unfortunately I didn’t use them because as funny as myself and my partner found it, turns out six-year-old girls aren’t amused by a mix-up,

The post started getting others adding their Kmart fails… 

"Hahaha yes! I got a happy birthday bunting from Kmart a couple of years ago and it actually said happy bitday... still hung it. It was hilarious," 

"I bought Happy Birthday bunting that said Happy Dirthbay, I was annoyed but then it became funny to see if anyone noticed,"