Woman Proves How tough It Is To Order A Coffee With a ‘Weird Name’


It can get awkward ordering a coffee when you have an unusual or difficult-to-pronounce name, so sometimes it's just a little easier to use a fake name. 

One woman on TikTok though is very familiar with this situation, having her fair share of coffee cup name blunders. 

Her name is 'Starr Anyse' and while she admits ‘Starr’ is very easy to pronounce, it is frequently confused with other names like Scar, Skye, Sarah, or even Moon (although surely that person had to be having a laugh?). 

What it's like ordering a coffee when you have a weird name,

This is not an uncommon occurrence though, and plenty of people were flooding the comment section with their fake names: 

I have two wildly bland decoy names for this exact reason,

 I go by Jess and you'd be surprised how many people mishear it for Jeff or Steph??

My name is Sarhys when they ask I just say Rhys… so much easier.

Gotten to the point where I use my last name, it’s easier,

That last one isn't a bad idea though. Just be sure to remember the name you give them so you don’t end up mindlessly standing there while they scream out the fake name!