The Block NZ has its first team member swap in show history

The Block NZ 29/06/2021

Covid-19 and Lockdown Level 4 saw a permanent 'tools down' on The Block NZ 2020. But as the teams returned to the building site 12 months later, someone's missing...

For the first time in Block history, a team has swapped out a member, with Purple Team's Janah leaving the show and unable to commit to the 2021 season of The Block NZ.

The Block NZ's new Purple team, Connie & Rach

But in her place, Rach's other best friend, Connie from Palmerston North, has stepped up to the challenge.

Connie (Ngāti Hinemanu Nui Tonu) is a mum to six boys, an electrician by trade, and runs a building company alongside her husband. Rach and Connie first became friends 11 years ago during their army days and have been firm friends ever since. She's known for her relentless "can-do" attitude, being able to work under pressure, and knows her way around a construction site - which is always a big plus on The Block NZ!

Connie's going to fit right in organising the tradies, while Rach continues to lead the design for House 1, starting with family bathroom week.

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