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'Deliciousness': Jack Black sings praises of his fave Auckland restaurant and 'heavenly' parks
Kiwi As
Kiwi As

'Deliciousness': Jack Black sings praises of his fave Auckland restaurant and 'heavenly' parks

Jason Momoa has been showing him around and it sounds like great time!

Jack Black is making the most of his time in New Zealand and has shouted out his new go-to restaurant. 

The legend has been living in Auckland while filming the ‘Minecraft’ movie. Co-star and mate Jason Momoa has been showing him all the great spots for a feed in the city. 

"I've had some great times in Auckland with Jason,” he told Newshub. “I’ve eaten at some of the best restaurants I've ever been to."

"I don't know if I should blow them up but I'm gonna say: There was this one Japanese restaurant I went to, a Yakitori restaurant, called The Cave.”

Tanuki's Cave is a mainstay Auckland Japanese food spot. Located underground in Auckland's CBD, it's known for its intimate atmosphere and unreal yakitori menu, including deep-fried skewers and pork belly. 

"Dude, that was so good," he continued, "deliciousness on a stick. And the ambience, with the Japanese lanterns. And then we also went to an incredible sushi restaurant - Jason knows the town."

He’s also been getting out and about, hitting one of the billion parks in Auckland as well as climbing the city’s tallest mountain. 

"I like to throw frisbee and there's a great park - I'm not going to tell you about because I don't want people to show up in my sweet, sweet secret park."

"I like hiking around. I took an amazing hike all the way up a mountaintop, I think it was called Eden - Mount Eden! I see why they call it that as it was quite heavenly.”

"I got up to the top and I saw a gorgeous view of the whole city and the ocean," he said before adding that he'd love to earn citizenship in our fine country. 

I am hoping and praying that I run into Jack Black while he’s in NZ because he is truly a legend. So, any theories on his secret park?