Charlie Puth calls making music with Elton John like "chatting to himself"

Jay-Jay & Flynny 25/01/2022

Singer Charlie Puth is back with his brand new song and music video for the long-awaited 'Light Switch'.

The 'See You Again' singer worked on new music with the legendary Elton John, who happens to live in the same neighbourhood as him.

The 30-year-old singer took part in Elton John's song 'After All', as part of Elton's 'Lockdown Sessions' album last year.

"When I first met him, I was pretty intimidated and scared," Charlie told Jay-Jay & Flynny.

Elton is known to be brutally honest to people about music. And Charlie described it as "humbling" to receive Elton's feedback.

"I feel like 'Light Switch' is truly me and I've kind of got back into my groove. But he, I felt like, I was talking to myself musically, and I was really inspired by what he had to say."

"And then I found out that we live right next door to each other. So he came over and we made his first song for his 'Lockdown Sessions' album, which he's currently out on tour. I spoke to him last night."

And does Charlie Puth have a very fancy house like we expect Elton John to have?

"I have a very I got to tell you, I have a very normal house, which is why I was so super surprised that he lived in my neighbourhood."

"You know, he, of course, has an estate in his hometown, but right next to me, it's like a little humble abode. It's nice."

Charlie's song 'Light Switch' is the first song released from his upcoming album 'Charlie', which should be out later this year.

It'll be the first album release for him since 'Voicenotes' in 2018, which featured hits like 'How Long' and 'Attention'.

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