Jay-Jay shares her fears going under the knife for breast reduction surgery

Jay-Jay & Flynny 11/05/2022

For a long time, Jay-Jay has dealt with large boobs. And while she loves them and considers them one of her best assets, they've never stopped growing, and they're causing Jay-Jay a lot of pain.

So Jay-Jay has decided to take the big step and get them reduced. But getting a breast reduction will come with a tough recovery and many possible risks. And it's an expensive decision that can't be "undone". 

"I've had big boobs since I was a teenager. They basically sprouted overnight and I was a C cup at 15. D cup in my early 20's, DD til my 30's, E til my 40's and now F! I can't keep going like this," Jay-Jay posted to her Facebook.

People look at you and they just all you say, all they say is boobs. I literally can't see past my boobs if I stand up and look down.

Jay-Jay shares her fears with Flynny about her surgery happening in a week's time, and our More FM family share their helpful advice and support for Jay-Jay's next big (but not a F-cup sized) chapter.