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Robinson takes on "undefeated" Flynny in Heardle
Can our rising star from Nelson beat our sweaty man Flynny?
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Jay-Jay & Flynny

Robinson and Flynny get stressed and sweaty in a tough Heardle battle

It's Nelson beauty Robinson vs sweaty man Flynny!
20 March 2023 5:48PM

The beautiful and talented Robinson is back in New Zealand, after opening a string of shows with OneRepublic across Australia and Aotearoa, as well as her own headline show in Auckland last night.

But can she take her musical talents on stage to a Heardle battle with our "undefeated" champion Flynny?

It's a battle inspired by the online game Heardle, where you need to guess the popular song in the shortest length of time with a tiny song snippet as your only clue.

So far, her fellow Kiwi artists Mitch James and Lepani have yet to take him down, and Aussie singer Dean Lewis has been the closest match yet with a fierce draw (which Flynny disputes).

It's a whole different league now when Robinson steps up to the Heardle stage!

Check out Robinson's full interview with Jay-Jay & Flynny on our podcast as well as her new single 'Things Aren’t Nice In Paradise', released from her upcoming album due to be out later this year.

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