‘Genius’ Kmart tip to save money on shoes


The cost of living has been getting pretty high in New Zealand, so we’re all looking for little ways to save our coins. 

One woman over in Aussie has a tip for not breaking the bank on shoes by shopping in the… children's department?! 

She shared the hack to a Facebook group dedicated to Kmart hacks and tricks; "Did you know that a size 6 kids shoe is the same as a size 7/8 women's????" 

Photo: Facebook/KMART HACKS & DECOR ❤

I've known this for a few years now and always buy the kids boots. 1 because they are cooler and 2 they are normally a little bit cheaper too

People were loving the tip on Facebook, commenting; "I did not know this, thank you for the tip, am going to use this new information wisely," and "Does this mean I can buy light up and glitter shoes!!".

There were even a few out there who use the tip on the regular! 

"This is awesome! Especially when it comes to sneakers - depending on the style I can wear a kids size 5 or 6. Much more fun designs & much cheaper!!" 

"I've known this for more than half my life hahaha... wanted a pair of sneakers over $200 adult, same shoe slight design change in pattern kids $80, uh yeh kids for sure!" 

"I do this with Nike shoes. I wear a youth size 5 and they are around $99 a pair. Women's size I wear a size 6 or sometimes smaller and they start at $179. Nike have most of the same colours and styles for kids and adults,"