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The Block NZ crowns its winners for 2018

The Block NZ crowns its winners for 2018

After months of hard work, we finally have our winner of The Block NZ 2018.
30 September 2018 8:34PM

After an eventful ride filled with rule-breaking, fighting between teams, new friendships and a few tears shed, The Block NZ is over for 2018.

It took three months of hard work, but now all four teams have taken each of their houses to auction.

And the winner of The Block NZ for 2018 is Amy & Stu.

The boys from the Blue Team Ben & Tom were up first and had their house auctioned for $987,000 leaving them with a profit of $57,000.

Following the boys was Orange Team Claire & Agni came our with a profit of $30,000 after selling their house for $950,000.

Yellow Team Amy & Stu went third, and sold their home for $1,009,500, walking away with $69,500 profit.

Chlo & Em of the Purple Team were the forth and final team to go to auction, they pocketed $11,500 after their house auctioned for $921,500.

Amy & Stu also won an extra $100,000 and People's Choice, making their profit equal $169,500.

See the four houses below.

Amy & Stu's house:

Ben & Tom's home:

Claire & Agni's home:

Chloe & Em's home: