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The Breakfast Club with New Zealand Blood Service

Get your team together with Team Red to donate blood, just like The Breakfast Club!

The Breakfast Club's chat about eating Easter bunnies quickly takes a 'dirty' turn

Trust Gary!


JMac and his wife Amy welcome their fourth child to the world

Congrats guys! ❤❤❤


Help our listener Colin find the propeller he needs to complete his homemade boat

Can we all make Colin's dreams come true?


Lana's found herself in a tricky situation after her friend asks her for a favour

It is a pretty big commitment!


Gary hilariously sums up his disappointment after JMac reduces his marathon goals

JMac is set to run a half marathon this June!


DWTS's Glen Osbourne confesses to having a secret 'bromance' with Gary

These guys really hit it off!


The Breakfast Club find holes in Lana's genius life-hack for your car

Apparently the hack works wonders!


The Breakfast Club experiment with the ridiculous car park speed limit

The result is pretty ridiculous!


JMac reveals the results of the 'extreme makeover' on his eyebrows

Hopefully he's happy with the results!


Nadia Lim reveals who she thinks her biggest competition is in DWTS

The stars are set to hit the dance floor again this year!


How far did you get when you tried to run away from home?