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Gary challenges the rest of the team to have a naked sauna together

These mental images can't be unseen...


Breakfast Club discover how doorbells are secretly causing chaos for Kiwis

This is so odd!


Gary was mortified after finding out how old Speedy thought he was

He was quite a way off!


Gary takes things next level after Speedy confronts him about a loaned book

JMac couldn't believe what Gary did!


JMac needs help after confessing to hating this new rug his wife wants to buy

What do you make of the design?


Lana shows off the heartwarming engagement gift Bondy made for her

So cute!


Gary confronts Sam about taking her soft toy on holiday with her

Gary thinks Sam is far too old to be doing it!


The Breakfast Club question JMac's 'lunch-box style' apology gift he got his wife

What was he thinking!?


Vote: What do you think of the new rug JMac's wife wants to buy?

JMac needs your help, vote in the poll here!


MAFS NZ's Vicky & Stefaan react to insults thrown at them during heated dinner party

The couple decided to give their relationship a second go!


Lana accidentally put her foot in it with her future in-laws at her engagement party

This is why it pays to write these things out first!


Lana's 'fake tan horror story' is everyone's worst nightmare

This would've been so awkward!