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The Breakfast Club share their long weekend 'binge watching' recommendations

If you've got some spare time for telly, here's what the guys are watching!


PM Jacinda Ardern shares how Kiwis can best deal with lockdown over Easter

She also spoke her secret chocolate stash, a change in alert levels and potty training!


Gary's daughter perfectly sums up what lock-down is like as a child

She's a wordsmith just like her dad.


The Breakfast Club rebel against the big boss after the music computer breaks down

Well here's a first...


Lana's been getting annoyed by this frustrating thing new reporters do

She's not alone!


The Breakfast Club hilariously get caught red handed by security cameras


Lana shares her 'out of the box' idea to keep the Pop Quiz running

Only Lana!


Dr Libby gives The Breakfast Club advice to avoid 'binge eating' during lockdown

It can be easier said than done!


Lana almost found herself in an awkward lockdown bra disaster

Luckily bras are deemed essential!


JMac uses his 'psychic' powers to guess which room of the house our listeners are in

A man of many talents!


The Breakfast Club run an 'Improvised Exercise' class you can do from your home

Get the family around the TV and workout!


Gary recites a poem he wrote about his family for their 'at home variety concert'

How sweet!