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Lana makes her case for why Peppa Pig 'is a litte tart'

A lot of parents are not impressed with Peppa's actions


The Chase's 'Dark Destroyer' does his best in our $150,000 Pop Quiz

How will the Dark Destroyer fare?


Gary confesses to the weird technique he used to choose a girlfriend

7 year old Gary had a very different approach!


Lana shares how her exciting secret Valentine ended horrifically

Poor Lana, this broke our heart!


Gary asks PM Jacinda Ardern if she'd adopt his 'standardised uniform' idea

Gary is on a mission!


JMac shares his genius hack for getting rid of house flies

This could be a game changer!


Lana confesses how 'hot' Gary looks in "personal plumbing" campaign shoot

The poster is 30 years old!


Gary shares what his day dressed as a basketball was really like

It kind of suits him!


Lana silences haters (and Gary) in awe inspiring basketball victory speech

Well played Lana!


Sam shocks Lana with evidence of her loud night time singalongs

Who can blame her for wanting to sing to Miley Cyrus!


Gary and Lana face off in the basketball shoot-off

We didn't expect that result!


Should you offer help if you see someone struggling with a parallel park?

Is it rude to offer help?