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Lana shares the shocking story of how her parents dealt with a furry intruder

We've got no words!


JMac announces the gender of his next child with a 'gender reveal cake'

Congrats Amy & JMac!


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How good does Gary look in his matching PJs


Gary shares a very dramatic real life story about being confronted by his partner's ex

This almost sounds like a movie!


Gary absolutely nails it when challenged to perform a popular rapper's song

Although he wasn't entirely sure what he was saying...


Robert Irwin chats to The Breakfast Club about how he's continued Steve's legacy

His dad would be so proud!


The Breakfast Club share the silliest ways they've injured themselves

These are just embarrassing...


Lana shares the story of a photographer whose x-rated antics almost ruined a wedding

When wedding guests so rogue...


The Breakfast Club share their embarrassing 'pet nicknames' for their partners

Cute... Well, most of them!


Kiwi singer Marlon Williams shares how he got his role in A Star Is Born

Well deserved too!


Rita Ora chats with Lana & JMac about her new music and her Christmas plans

Sounds like she might be covering a Christmas song too!


Lana's gardening skills got called out on her local 'Facebook community group'

The shame!