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John Legend praises NZ's response to COVID-19 and opens up about his marriage

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Gary melts hearts by bringing in his childhood teddy bear for classroom 'Show & Tell'

Gary does have a soft side!


Lana is forced into making an embarrassing confession to Dave Dobbyn

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Who will win the school yard obstacle course?

Who will take the top spot in this school yard competition?


What strange things have hackers bought using your credit card details?

Hackers have been out in force recently!


The Breakfast Club hilariously 'profile' the opposite gender versions of themselves

They all look... Amazing?


Lana asks when unannounced visitors have made you a 'hostage in your own home'

It can be tricky!


Lana questions if she should attend a stags-do party even though she's not a guy


JMac shares the heartwarming gesture a stranger made to his wife at a rugby training

Such a kind thing to do!


The Breakfast Club ask PM Jacinda burning questions about NZ's 2 new COVID cases

There are a lot of questions surrounding it.


Gary calls for the end of buffet breakfasts in New Zealand

Could we see an end to buffets?


Lana comes clean about the embarrassing reason she almost called 111

Oh Lana...


The Breakfast Club lose it over JMac's 'mundane' milk expiry date question

Some things are better left unasked...


The Breakfast Club can't agree if its acceptable to save a car park by standing in it

What do you think?


Lana shares the scandalous story that was overheard in a hair-dressing salon

Got to be careful what you say...


Would you want to know the backstory of an item before buying second hand online?

Does a product's origin matter to you?


Lana relives how she accidentally caused $30,000 worth of damage at her Dad's work

This is just about as bad as it gets...


Lana shares how her 'manky toe' caused her the worst pain in her life



Producer Sam is split over the best way to celebrate her 30th birthday

How did you celebrate your 30th?


Lana shocked to find friend she gave free clothes to is now selling them online


Is it acceptable to sneak off from a party to watch sport online?

Gary was not impressed with Lana's behaviour - but what do you think?


Gary finds out how different his 'metabolic body age' is to his actual age

What will it be?


The Breakfast Club's microwave hack debate causes hilarious chaos in the studio

It was a simple hack that quickly turned into a heated and hilarious scrap!